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Dolan at Frontier, St. Louis, MO

Dolan at Frontier is located at the end of the street in a quiet community near Ladue and Frontenac. All Dolan homes do not have a sign in the front yard to respect the privacy of the elders and to truly blend into the community. The wrap-around, covered front porch offers a wonderful view of the neighborhood. A porte-cohere situated on the south side of the home may be used for jumping into the car on a rainy day.

A large, secure backyard is accessible for both residents and families to enjoy. One may often find one of the residents walking her dog on the sidewalk in the backyard. The back porch is also covered with ceiling fans and is a wonderful space to entertain or relax even during St. Louis summers.

Dolan at Frontier
Dolan at Frontier residents
Dolan at Frontier bedrooms
Our home has nine spacious private suites, each with a half bath, built within a barrier-free environment. Memory boxes at the entrance to each suite help Residents identify their bedroom and orient themselves.

A state-of-the-art spa room offers a relaxing environment and creates a pleasant and positive bathing experience. Additionally, the Frontier home has several visiting areas, which also accommodate activities. All Dolan homes are designed and constructed for comfort and easy navigation for people with a memory impairment.

Frontier’s house and program are designed to maximize independence and dignity. The cues built into the home, along with gentle guidance from the CarePartners, consistently meet the Residents’ needs and desires while reinforcing a safe environment. Frontier, as with all Dolan homes, is managed by a licensed nurse. Purposeful tasks, activities of daily living, physical activities and cognitive stimulation are provided to engage Residents based on their interests and strengths.
“We really like the home. Mom has a private bedroom and that’s a big deal to us.”

– Family Member

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Stephanie Dudic, RN – Nurse Manager

Stephanie Dudic, RN – Nurse Manager

Joined team in 2014
I grew up in High Ridge, Missouri, and went to Northwest High School. I have two sisters who are my best friends.

My grandma moved in with us when I was a junior in high school. She had severe dementia and was unsafe to live alone. She stayed with us for three years and could not recall that I was her granddaughter, so she just called me Nurse. She passed away the year I started nursing school, but she was the reason I decided to become a nurse.

After I graduated I went to work at Lutheran Convalescent Home part of Laclede Groves in Webster, Missouri. I worked there for almost three years. I spent the next 15 years at Barnes Jewish Hospital, specializing in orthopedic surgery.

I was married in 2004 to my husband, Faruk. My husband is from Bosnia, and we met at Lutheran Convalescent Home in 1998. We have three beautiful children: Lejla (2006) and twins, Eldin and Ariela (2008). We all reside in South County.

I came to Dolan in June of 2014 and couldn’t be happier with my decision. It’s a wonderful program we have here for people affected by dementia. I couldn’t be more proud of the work we do here for our Residents and their families. It gives me great joy every day to see the difference we make in the lives of people who have memory impairments. I hope to spend many more years here doing what I love – taking care of people.