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Dolan at Les Maisons, St. Louis, MO

Tim Dolan created Les Maisons Memory Care neighborhood – a first of its kind in Missouri. We have a community of four homes on five acres. Each house is independent of itself, but Residents and CarePartners visit neighboring Dolan homes for activities or enjoy a quiet stroll on the cul-de-sac with family or CarePartners.

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The Neighborhood at Les Maison
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Deborah Schweiss, RN – Nurse Manager

Deborah Schweiss, RN – Nurse Manager

Joined team in 2016
Dolan Memory Care Homes at Lourdes
I received my RN in 1991. From the very start, I knew I would be working in geriatrics. I have worked in several nursing homes, along with home health care, throughout the years and also spent six years on the ACE unit (acute care for the elderly) at Des Peres Hospital.

I love working with the Alzheimer/dementia population and was so excited when I heard about Dolan Memory Care. The atmosphere in the houses is one of “being at home with family” instead of being in a facility. The Residents are active, happy, and enjoy so many opportunities that a facility could not provide. Each Resident is so special and is allowed the freedom to explore their home, sit on the back porch, and take a walk in the yard with no restrictions. I can’t imagine a better place for someone going through the process of finding their loved one a special place where they will be cared for and happy along with being as independent as possible for as long as possible.

Ritah Njeri, RN – Nurse Manager

Ritah Njeri, RN – Nurse Manager

Joined team in 2017
Dolan Memory Care Homes at Clermont
Ritah joined Dolan in 2017 as a floating nurse, rotating to other homes offering additional support. In 2020, she settled her roots at the Villa household. Ritah feels, “Dolan is a good place to work.” She appreciates the small house-setting and loves the friendly work environment. Ritah is not afraid to help out whether it is transporting a resident to an outing or providing one-on-one companionship. Ritah was previously employed at another long term care facility for 6 years. Ritah is originally from Kenya, Africa and moved to St. Louis for nursing school. She has two children, a son and daughter. In her free time, she loves going out with friends, spending time with family and traveling.

Pamela Mendez

Pamela Mendez, RN – Nurse Manager

Joined team in 2021
Dolan Memory Care Homes at Lyon