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Memory Care Difference

Dolan Memory Care

Memory, Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care With A Person-Centered Approach in St. Louis, MO

Dolan Memory Care Homes is an innovative concept in caring for individuals with memory impairments. Each home provides a safe, supportive, and flexible environment that allows each resident to function to the best of his or her ability. Our program is research-based, and we collaborate with world-renowned organizations such as Alzheimer’s Association and Washington University Memory and Aging. Our twenty-five plus years of experience in St. Louis demonstrate leadership and expertise in memory care.

Instead of a big-box facility, we have homes nestled in neighborhoods of St. Louis county. Each home has 10-11 individuals with dementia residing comfortably. We choose to maintain a calm, intimate setting since research recommends this type of supportive environment.

Commotion, traffic, noise may all be too disruptive. In order for an individual with a memory impairment to succeed, he/she initially requires an appropriate environment. The households are managed by a nurse manager and supported by a social worker. A nurse is on-site 7 days a week and the household is staffed 24/7 with a consistent team. Additionally, we have an incredibly heavy staffing ratio to ensure needs are met in timely manner. With a high staffing ratio, we are able to offer the time needed to facilitate and maintain independence in the daily living for the residents. Our model supports aging in place, which means you are able to stay in the same household until end of life.

Our mission seeks to improve quality of life not only for individuals with dementia, but for their families as well. In order to meet the needs of our families, Dolan Memory Care Homes provides personalized family support through a team of nurses and social workers. Together, the staff at Dolan and families partner together to create a cohesive team to achieve one goal: enhance quality of life.

Ongoing research investigates the environmental, social, and psychological issues that individuals with dementia encounter and provides solutions on how to manage challenges. The goal is to maximize strengths, engage and connect with residents, maintain appropriate stimuli, and minimize disorientation and confusion. Dolan Memory Care Homes values this research, and we implement the findings in our residences.



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“As long as people have a need, and I can provide a place, I’ll keep doing it.”

-Tim Dolan, Founder