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Dolan Partners with Create Circles

A young man discussing with an elderly women

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​Dolan Memory Care Homes has been partnering with the non-profit, Create Circles. Create Circles is a nonprofit organization that strives to reduce social isolation and cognitive decay by pairing young volunteers with older adults in long term care facilities to produce creative projects such as articles, videos and podcasts. Harsh Moolani, founder of the non-profit, visits with Donna at Conway every Monday to engage in an opinion-based discussion. He wisely feels that “When you ask someone for advice, you are giving them dignity.”  During Donna and Harsh’s visits, Create Circles are creating a mini video series of their visits together. Moolani shares “There is a huge stigma that comes with aging,” Moolani said. “I want to share these projects, not only to bring a sense of purpose and dignity to the older adults who created them, but to slowly, slowly, slowly shift the view of aging.”  Dolan Memory Care Homes are grateful for the Create Circles volunteers that are bringing extra enrichment to some of our residents lives, including Donna—her and her family are very grateful for the relationship they have created.



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