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Families at Dolan Memory Care Homes Praise Visitor Restriction during COVID-19 Outbreak

As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps across our nation, unsettled feelings and sheer panic have taken over. Fortunately at Dolan Memory Care Homes, we have not had any positive COVID-19 cases. We have been proactive with the COVID-19 outbreak, following CDC and State Department of Health and Senior Services guidelines to protect the residents a week earlier than when initial recommendations were mandated. We have been watching the news and media coverage, which portray heart-wrenching stories of residents and families feeling isolated and disconnected during the recommended visitor restriction.

While Dolan understands the deep sacrifices family members are making by not visiting at this time, it is the most responsible and effective tool we have to create the safest environment for our at-risk population at this time. At Dolan, the visitor restriction is viewed as a partnership between the family members and our team. Implementation of this restriction is a true testament of trust between families and Dolan’s interdisciplinary team. With constant, proactive communication and utilization of video chat, families have been able to stay connected with their loved ones at Dolan.

Despite media coverage at other long term care communities, the families at Dolan Memory Care Homes have been praising our proactive efforts of the visitor restriction. Below are a couple responses from family members:

“I totally respect, understand, and support the decision made to restrict visitors. I know my husband is in good hands. Thank you for keeping me posted and I hope you all stay safe as well!”

“Thank you for the update and keeping us in the loops. Please make sure all the staff know how much we appreciate all they are doing and the sacrifices they are making to keep our mom safe.”

“Thank you. It’s very reassuring to me to hear about all that you’re doing. It makes it easier to be so far away during this worrisome time. When people ask about Mom, I tend to brag about the excellent place she’s in and the loving care she receives. You are much appreciated.”

When compared to other long term care, Dolan Memory Care Homes design of a secured small home setting with 10 residents are a significant advantage. Dolan continues to take extra precautions with infection control, remains committed to protecting residents and sincerely appreciates family’s patience.


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