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The Importance of Lighting in Memory Care

Each Dolan home is designed and built around evidence-based research proven to support persons with dementia (PWD). One of the many factors considered and thoughtfully implemented when building the Dolan homes was effective lighting. According to the Dementia Services Development Center, by the age of 75, most people require twice as much light than an average individual. PWD are no exception.

Dolan Memory Care Homes facility

Because the parts of the brain that use spatial reasoning and depth perception are affected by Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, dark areas on the floor may look ominous and may even look like black holes. Shadows may be confusing or even frightening.

Dolan Memory Care Homes puts thoughtful intention behind the design and lighting of each home.  Recessed ceiling lights and soft glow bulbs add to the homey feel. The tiles used are free from glare so as not to disorient anyone. Perhaps most noticeable is the large amount of gorgeous natural daylight in each Dolan home, especially in the sunroom. Large windows and skylights offer positive stimulation with views of the backyards and gardens. Additionally, each living room and bedroom offer plenty of natural lighting. Not only are these visually attractive, the natural lighting promotes the production of vitamin D. Because PWD are not able to regulate their circadian rhythm properly, the surge of natural daylight each day and gradual darkening as the sun sets promotes healthy wake/sleep patterns.

Dolan Memory Care Homes facility

At night, Dolan Memory Care uses other creative mechanisms for lighting. The bedroom of each Dolan home is outfitted with specialized lighting to promote safety and reduce falls by illuminating the floor and task lighting to encourage successful activities of daily living like toileting and grooming.

Dolan Memory Care Homes facility

The science of lighting at Dolan Memory Care Homes is just one of the features we implement to create the most conducive environment for our residents. Between this element and other supportive cues, our residents achieve the highest quality of life.

Source: https://www.scie.org.uk/dementia/supporting-people-with-dementia/dementia-friendly-environments/lighting.asp

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