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The Role of Creativity and Mental Stimulation for Those With Alzheimer’s

The Role of Creativity and Mental Stimulation for Those With Alzheimer’s 


It is so important for people of all ages to exercise their brains through creative endeavors and mental stimulation.  This is even more true for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Both creativity and mental stimulation can help to spur cognition and counteract the effects of cognitive decline.  


Importance of Creativity 

Creative endeavors are one of the best ways to engage those with Alzheimer’s and keep them stimulated. Artistic projects tap into the creative parts of our brain and help to spur cognition.  Creative activities can cover a wide range: This can include everything from coloring and painting to creative thinking, puzzles, and games. 


Importance of Mental Stimulation 

Mentally engaged individuals are more able to maximize their abilities. Mentally stimulating activities help to ensure those with Alzheimer’s and dementia are continuing to use their brains as much as possible. Evidence shows that therapeutic activities which rely on long-term memory skills and involve simple, repetitive, sequential motions may help support the remaining abilities of patients with Alzheimer’s disease. 


Keeping residents engaged is always a major focus in our homes.  Residents who are actively engaged in daily life and utilizing their remaining cognitive abilities tend to be happier.  They participate in daily activities and can have more of a sense of purpose. 


Creativity and Mental Stimulation in Dolan Memory Care Homes 

At Dolan Memory Care, we place a large emphasis on mental stimulation and embracing our residents’ strengths. Our residents participate in a range of engaging activities that maintain their independence, encourage creativity, and embrace their strengths. 

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If you peeked inside a Dolan home, you might see any number of activities taking place that are creative and stimulating.  Our residents regularly engage in card games, reading, and puzzles.  We offer therapeutic programs like pet therapy and painting therapy.  Our Music & Memory program encourages residents to listen to personalized playlists that can boost their moods and their memory. Cognitive Stimulation Therapy also affords our residents with additional opportunities to engage and enhance cognition.  


All in all, the role of creativity and mental stimulation for those with Alzheimer’s is massive.  Keeping these individuals engaged and using their remaining cognitive abilities can lead to a higher quality of life and more meaning. It can even help to relieve symptoms of Alzheimer’s and decrease further cognitive decline! 

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