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What Does Daily Life Look Like in a Memory Care Home?

If your loved one is going to be living somewhere, you probably want to know what life there looks like. Daily life at Dolan Memory Care Homes is organized and designed with individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia in mind.  No two days are exactly the same, but here is a sampling of what daily life can look like in our homes. 


Normal Daily Activities 

We want our memory care homes to really feel like home.  For that reason, our residents have the chance to participate in a variety of normal daily activities and chores, just like they would at home.  This helps life at Dolan resemble life with their families as much as possible.  Residents can help out with everything from food prep to folding laundry to taking out the trash.  It can help provide a sense of purpose and normalcy in their lives, and is a great way to establish routine. 

Socialization Opportunities 

Each Dolan Memory Care Home houses a maximum of 10-11 residents.  This provides all our residents with the opportunity to socialize in a manageable, small group setting.  Our residents are able to build strong bonds with our staff and their fellow residents through a variety of social opportunities. Everything from organized games to unstructured time spent relaxing in our communal spaces can provide residents with valuable socialization. 


Creative and Mentally Stimulating Activities

Mental stimulation is an essential piece of the puzzle for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Cognitive decline can be slowed by regularly engaging in mentally stimulating activities.  Our team is always sure to provide a variety of activities to get the juices flowing!  We have fun projects like seasonal crafts on a regular basis, along with more structured activities like Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST). 


Physical Activity 

In Dolan Memory Care Homes, our residents have the chance to work the body as well as the brain.  Exercise has been shown to have not just physical benefits, but mental and cognitive ones as well.  This is especially true for individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  Knowing this, we provide our residents with the chance to participate in a range of physical activities. We have walking clubs, fitness classes, and exercise equipment like stationary bikes in all of our homes. 


Private Rooms 

Another important aspect of where your loved one lives is where they sleep!  All of our residents have private rooms that they are encouraged to decorate and make their own. Time to socialize and be active is important, but so is the time and space to relax in private. 


Independent Decision Making 

One final key part of daily life in our memory care homes is that residents are encouraged to engage in independent decision making.  Not everyone wants to dress the same, eat the same food, or do the same activities all the time.  Our homes are structured to encourage residents to make decisions for themselves whenever it is safe and possible to do so.  This has been shown to increase independence and a sense of purpose for those with memory impairment.  


So while every day is different, there are certainly some key activities and values that are emphasized on a regular basis in our memory care homes.  When they are living with us, your loved ones will be well cared for, provided with opportunities for mental stimulation and physical activity, have the chance to socialize with others, and so much more!


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