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Outings At Dolan: Improving The Wellbeing of Our Residents One Activity At A Time

Outings At Dolan: Improving The Wellbeing of Our Residents One Activity At A Time

At Dolan Memory Care, we go far beyond just meeting the basic needs of our residents.  As one of the best memory care providers in St. Louis, we are constantly striving to enrich the lives of all the individuals living in our homes.  

One way we do that is through fun and exciting group outings.  Outings are one of the best activities for dementia patients.  Keep reading for more about the benefits of outings, how to make outings dementia-friendly, and where we’ve been adventuring to at Dolan lately! 

How Outings Can Benefit People With Dementia 

Getting out of the house and going somewhere new certainly can present challenges for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  It may seem daunting and unfamiliar.  However, research has shown that especially for people with mild cognitive impairment, the benefits far outweigh the risks. 

Being in a new environment can actually spur cognition. There is cognitive and sensory stimulation provided by being in a different environment than usual. These new situations can increase brain activity, making them great activities for those with Alzheimer’s. 

New activities and experiences can also be mood-boosting, and give our residents something to look forward to and enjoy that is different from their typical day-to-day routine. 

Tips for Dementia-Friendly Outings 

Not all outings and adventures are created equal.  When planning outings for people with dementia, here are some tips to keep in mind. 

  • Be mindful about time of day: Avoid times the memory impaired individuals are most often to have issues.  For instance, sundowning can be a concern for individuals with Alzheimer’s.  You may want to plan your activities earlier in the day to avoid this. 
  • Keep it short: Even getting out of the house for just a couple hours can be hugely beneficial.  Don’t overextend or expect too much – keep the outing manageable in length and scope.  
  • Avoid loud noises and large crowds: Extremely loud or crowded places can be overwhelming for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  Look for activities in a calmer, quieter environment that is less likely to cause distress.  

Best Outings For People With Alzheimer’s and Dementia 

What are the best dementia-friendly outings? Some of the top dementia activities suggested by the National Institute on Aging (NIA) include pet therapy, physical exercise, activities involving music and dancing, or gardening.  

There are also a number of proven benefits of getting outside and enjoying the fresh air.  A great part of any memory care would be outings in the great outdoors.  

All of these can be worked into a dementia-friendly outing! Just a few options: Going to see a concert or musical performance, visiting an animal shelter, planting flowers in a local neighborhood garden, or walking around a nearby park. 

Our Favorite St. Louis Outings 

Here at Dolan Memory Care, we are always taking new adventures and trying new activities across the St. Louis region as part of our world-class dementia care. There are a wide range of great St. Louis activities for seniors that we’ve tried out. Here are just a few of our residents’ favorite recent outings: 

  • Visiting local parks to take walks or go fishing 
  • Supporting local restaurants and ice cream shops 
  • Visiting St. Louis’ fantastic museums, like the Magic House and STL Science Center
  • Stopping by BarK for some adorable pet therapy 

And throughout the summer and fall, we have even more fun outings planned that our residents and CarePartners alike will enjoy! 

Outings with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia can be a challenge.  But when planned and facilitated correctly, they can provide such a huge benefit to our residents.  We love being able to venture out into the community with our Dolan Memory Care Home residents and look forward to continuing to do so.  We’re proud to offer dementia-friendly outings as just one part of our world-class memory care




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