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Dolan Memory Care Opens New Homes in Creve Coeur

2021 has been a year of growth and new experiences.  Here at Dolan Memory Care, we have had the opportunity to grow our community with the opening of a handful of new memory care homes in the St. Louis area.  The first of these, Cork, was opened this summer in our neighborhood at Waterford Crossing in Creve Coeur.  We also opened another couple of homes throughout the fall in the same area.  


With these new homes, we have continued to emphasize individualized care and attention, and have maintained our commitment to personalized memory care in a safe and comfortable environment. 


These new homes add to the number of memory care homes Dolan Care already operates across St. Louis County. The Waterford Crossing neighborhood will be our largest yet upon completion, with a total of 8 homes on 10 acres of land. Our Neighborhood at Les Maisons is also a flourishing community.  It includes 4 separate 10-bedroom homes nestled on a quiet cul-de-sac.  While the homes are each independent, our residents and Care Partners are able to visit the neighboring homes for activities, and can make use of the quiet cul-de-sac for strolls outside. Other current Dolan Memory Care locations include Dolan at Conway in Creve Coeur, Dolan at Frontier near Ladue and Frontenac, and Dolan at Schuetz near Kirkwood and Webster Groves. 


Since 1993, Dolan Memory Care has been providing unparalleled memory care to individuals with Alzheimer’s and other dementias in the St. Louis community. Through our growth and changes, we have remained completely dedicated to our mission of providing the highest quality of life to both residents and their families. All of our methods and decisions are based on the most recent findings in the field of memory care, and center around the specific needs of individuals with memory impairment. We are constantly striving to offer an environment that truly feels like home to our residents.  We were even recently named one of the best senior living facilities in St. Louis by St. Louis Magazine! 

Clare Memory Care Home
Clare: Dolan Memory Care Home @ Waterford Crossing

Our newest homes on Dolan Way will share many important features with our existing homes. These features are essential to our mission of providing person-centered memory care and a sense of home to those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. 


First, we keep all our homes small, with a maximum of only 10-11 residents living in each one.  Research has shown that calm, small group settings are the most productive and comfortable for individuals with memory impairment. The low number of residents in each home also allows our staff and Care Partners to spend lots of time with each resident, providing truly personalized and individualized care on a daily basis. 


Our homes also all feature private bedrooms and large common gathering spaces.  We know the value of providing private space that our residents can make their own.  However, fostering social connections is also extremely important.  Our spacious dining and living rooms provide the perfect spot for residents to socialize and participate in activities together, while the private bedrooms are a space each resident can really make their own and personalize so it feels like home. 

Clermont Kitchen
Clermont Kitchen: Dolan Memory Care Homes @ Waterford Crossing

Time spent outside in the fresh air is also something we value deeply here at Dolan Memory Care!  Each of our homes feature a safe and secure backyard.  In these spaces, our residents can take part in everything from gardening, to Walking Club, to relaxing on our covered patios. 


Our homes are all built and designed with the specific needs of individuals with memory impairment in mind. In addition to being secured to prevent wandering, our homes also all include supportive cues to help residents move around safely.  Important areas like the kitchens and bathrooms are clearly labeled in large text to make things as easy as possible.  All areas of our homes also feature bright lighting, which has been found to be extremely helpful for older individuals. 


Finally, Dolan Memory Care homes are all located in quiet residential neighborhoods.  Too much noise and commotion can be very detrimental to people with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We make sure our homes are all situated in quiet and calm settings to best serve the unique needs of our residents.  Our homes also do not feature any signage, to protect the privacy of our residents and their families. 


Beyond the physical aspects of our homes, we are also sure to provide the absolute highest level of care to all of our residents.  Care is in our name for a reason! Our homes are staffed with highly qualified and compassionate Care Partners, nurses, and social workers. Each Dolan home actually has a dedicated nurse on staff, who only needs to care for the 10-11 residents in that specific home.  This allows our nurses to really go above and beyond not only in the medical care they provide, but also in getting to know all our residents on a personal level!  Our staff is just as dedicated as we are to providing the absolute best quality of life to all of our residents.  


Quality of life goes far beyond just meeting residents’ basic needs as well.  Our activities teams are constantly striving to create new and exciting experiences for all of our residents to enjoy.  No two days are the same in Dolan homes!  Just a few of activities and events our residents are able to partake in include creative art projects, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), visits from therapy dogs, visits to local parks, themed holiday parties, exercise classes, and live musical performances. 


We are excited to continue to grow and expand as we head into 2022.  Contact us today to learn more about our newest homes in the St. Louis area and how we may be able to help to provide a safe, comfortable home for your loved ones.  


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