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A Sense Of Community in Memory Care

Many aspects of memory care are widely discussed, like the safety of a memory care facility and what type of medical care is provided. One aspect that is often overlooked, but is very important: A sense of community. An Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis doesn’t take away someone’s human desire for connection and community. A sense of community is just as important in a memory care home as it is anywhere else. 


Importance of Socializing 

Social activities are a key part of dementia care. Socializing has a ton of benefits for people of all ages and walks of life but particularly those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Social interactions can help boost mood and improve morale for those living in a memory care community.  


Additionally, isolation has been shown to have negative effects on cognition and memory.  Memory care homes that emphasize the importance of community help their residents prevent feeling a harmful sense of isolation. 


Community in Dolan Memory Care Homes 

Dolan homes are so much more than just memory care facilities: Our St. Louis memory care homes are genuine memory care communities. Just a few ways that Dolan Memory Care Homes foster a sense of community and encourage socialization: 


  • Each home has comfortable, shared common spaces in which residents can interact 
  • The Life Enrichment teams at each home organize activities to encourage residents to socialize 
  • Residents regularly engage in games and creative projects in social settings 
  • Family members are encouraged to visit often to socialize with their loved ones living in our Dolan homes 


Tips For Socializing With Alzheimer’s and Dementia 

Those with Alzheimer’s and dementia cannot always interact in the same ways that they used to.  However, that doesn’t mean they don’t value and enjoy social interactions.  When interacting with an individual with Alzheiemer’s or dementia, here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Stay patient and calm
  • Speak clearly in short sentences 
  • Keep your tone of voice pleasant and friendly 
  • If they are comfortable with it, pat or hold their hand to reassure them
  • Engage in active listening, paying attention to non-verbal cues 
  • Minimize other distractions around you, like background noise from a TV  


Communication, socialization, a sense of community.  None of these things become less important when someone is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia.  In fact, they usually take on a whole new level of importance!  The best memory care homes will provide residents with a safe and calm environment that offers a sense of community. 


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