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What Is The Cost of Memory Care

There are many factors to be considered when deciding whether your loved one should move to a memory care home.  One of the major factors at play is the cost of memory care.  


How much does memory care cost? 

The cost of memory care varies greatly between different facilities.  Even just between memory care homes in St. Louis, an average cost is hard to pin down. 


Here at Dolan Memory Care Homes, one of the great things we offer is all-inclusive pricing.  This means that all our residents pay the same rate, regardless of the level of care they may need. If your loved one in a Dolan Memory Care Home progresses in their Alzheimer’s or dementia and requires more care, you can rest assured your rates will not increase. 


Additionally, our costs are paid on a monthly basis, so families can plan ahead and accurately project future costs. 


What is included in the cost of memory care?

The cost of memory care includes all of your loved one’s basic needs being met.  Memory care costs help pay for comfortable, safe, and secure living spaces for your loved one, and for trained professionals to provide care for them.  At Dolan Memory Care, these professionals include social workers, nurses, and care partners whose top priority is getting to know and caring for all our residents. 


Additionally, it includes the costs of all the life enrichment and additional activities that occur in a memory care home.  Memory care homes offer so much more than just basic needs being met.  There are opportunities for socialization, physical activity, visits from therapy animals, supportive living, live music performances, and more for residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia. 


Does insurance cover memory care costs? 

While Medicare and private health insurance do not cover memory care costs, there are other options available for coverage.  In some cases, Medicaid can help provide financial support for memory care costs.  Additionally, here at Dolan, while we are private pay only, we do accept long-term care insurance as well.  Long-term care insurance can be purchased earlier in life, and contributed to on a monthly basis.  Individuals with this type of coverage can use it to cover the costs of memory care in our homes.


Are there discounts for memory care for veterans? 

Yes!  Eligible veterans may apply for the VA Aid and Attendance benefits, which can be used to help pay for memory care costs. 


Is memory care worth it? 

In short, yes, it usually is.  The best memory care facilities will provide a high level of care, specifically meet the needs of your memory-impaired loved ones, provide support and peace of mind, and allow you to play the role of a loving family member instead of a full-time caregiver. Dolan Memory Care homes employ specially trained care partners and nurses who specialize in helping those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. When your loved one lives in our memory care homes, you can sleep easy knowing they are receiving the best possible care that is personalized for them, their preferences, and their needs. 


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