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What Is A Tovertafel? The Magic Table Providing Purposeful Play

What Is A Tovertafel? The Magic Table Providing Purposeful Play


Here at Dolan Memory Care Homes, we are constantly innovating and trying new things to provide engagement and stimulation for our residents.  Part of providing the best dementia care is making use of new tools that become available. Individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia can benefit greatly from mental stimulation and physical activity. 


To that end, one of the newest additions to our clubhouse is a Tovertafel, or magic table! This dementia care tool is an exciting addition to our memory care community and one that our residents have already been enjoying and seeing great benefits from. 


What is a Tovertafel? 

The Tovertafel was developed in the Netherlands, and is Dutch for “Magic Table.” It is a game system that projects games and activities onto a table, turning any surface into a fun, interactive gaming table! The Tovertafel can be installed above any table or flat surface, allowing for memory care homes to make use of the system without having to change their residents’ surroundings or purchase specialized furniture. 


The Tovertafel is an award-winning dementia care innovation that includes over 30 games to choose from. It encourages purposeful play among residents with memory impairments, with features that cater specifically to Alzheimer’s and dementia care. 


What can dementia patients do with a Tovartafel?

The Tovertafel really can feel like magic for people living with dementia! Each game was designed with input from dementia care professionals, family members, and the players themselves to make sure they’re perfectly tailored for those with dementia. 


All the games on the Tovertafel employ a no-fail design so players will not get frustrated and can play according to their own individual abilities. The games are easy to understand and come in a number of different formats.  They are perfect for use in a memory care home, providing physical activity, cognitive stimulation, and social interaction for residents.


Some examples of the games and activities that can be played on the Tovertafel: soccer, rummy, hitting a beach ball, raking leaves, and making music. The Magic Table also includes games that are specifically designed for nighttime, that can be very calming during sundowning and prevent wandering behaviors.  These include options like Butterflies, Evening lights, and Space.  


What are the benefits of a Tovertafel for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia? 

Beyond being a fun activity for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, Tovertafel has many proven benefits that make it a great addition to our memory care homes. 


The Tovertafel has been shown to reduce restless and tense behavior, to break through apathy residents may be feeling, to increase physical activity, and to promote social interactions. Additionally, it improves the relationship between care partners and residents by providing them with a fun, stimulating activity to engage in together. 


We have long known that physical activity, cognitive stimulation, and social interactions are essential to increase the quality of life for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia. The Tovertafel is just the latest dementia care tool we’re making use of in Dolan Memory Care Homes to achieve these goals and help our residents live their most fulfilling lives! 

You can learn more about the Tovertafel on their website, and explore our Life at Dolan page to discover other ways we are enriching the lives of our memory care residents at Dolan Memory Care Homes.

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